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Until now aircraft owners have been without a reliable source of independent expertise or advice to turn to.

Aircraft are expensive to operate. Managing costs is difficult.  Expert help can make a huge difference. The Aviation Home Office offers expert help when it is needed most. We can save you a lot of money.

Corporate aircraft owners receive large monthly invoices from aircraft management companies. These billings are frequently difficult to interpret without expert advice.

Trust between the customer and the management company is important, but trust is no substitute for expert insight. Management companies know their customers have limited knowledge. Most management companies want to do the job well, but there are exceptions and there are also frequent billing mistakes  that go undetected by even the best.

A good management company will welcome any opportunity to answer a customer concern. It is an opportunity to demonstrate why dollars are well spent and to show  the job is being  done well. All costs are on the owner’s account.  The owner has every right to examine the details.

When it comes to details, trained eyes save money. A fulsome understanding of the technical and commercial nuances of the aviation industry goes a long way. Based on decades of experience, even the best accountants and legal advisors frequently fail to qualify the legitimacy or reasonableness of many aircraft expenses.

The Aviation Home Office is an independent consultancy that offers professionally qualified expert advice on the difficult decisions that must be made in corporate aviation. The core team was formed in 2008 to assist the U.S. and Canadian financial services sector. It has now broadened its reach to assist individual and corporate aircraft owners and operators on a global level.

The Aviation Home Office works in conjunction with one of the largest global accountancies and is bound to its clients in a fiduciary capacity. It is backed by a worldwide network of experts with extensive financial, technical and safety audit experience with corporate aircraft operators across the globe. It includes experts with extensive regulatory and senior management operator backgrounds who can provide valuable advice to reduce owner costs and ensure improved operational and safety performance by aircraft managers.

The Aviation Home Office team has had many decades of experience ensuring cost control and securing cost reductions for aircraft owners.  The results have been remarkable.