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25 MORE Things You Hope Didn’t Happen 

25 Things You Hope Didn’t Happen outlined the importance of carefully examining your aircraft management invoices. In that blog post we listed 25 things that happen with some aircraft management companies that aircraft owners are unaware of.  Unfortunately the list doesn’t stop there. Here are 25 more examples of things you hope didn’t happen with your management company…   Read More


Hidden Aircraft Costs

The costs involved when airplanes break are often a rude shock for aircraft owners.  Questions are asked and answers are given, but frequently aircraft owners have less-than-complete understandings of what they are being asked to pay for. Suppose your management company tells you “the pilot’s primary flight display failed and we had to install another.” Other than a large added cost, what else do you really know? Read More

Aircraft Abuse: Can You Trust Your Management Company

Aircraft managers are paid to protect the assets under their care. Invariably the promise of the ‘highest standard of care’ was central to their pitch. Why then, are some of these management companies allowing their customers’ airplanes to stay outside? Read more to find out….Read More


Controlling Business Aviation Costs

As an aircraft owner or lessor, you often may have the problems your general counsel addressed some years ago.  You like the service of your management company, the pilots are great, and responsiveness is sound.  But you have a nagging feeling about the regular invoices that come to your CFO.  It seems unusual to have paid more in a month when the aircraft had low use.  Or certain maintenance activities have an inexplicably high cost.  An independent consultant on aviation invoices can help navigate that conflict and achieve large savings.  Click to see how…Read More